Muscle Skeletal Re-alignment

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This is system used when the skeletal body is out of alignment and having an effect on movement in a balanced pain free way.

The causes of misalignment are many and varied, from having an accident, fall, bad working posture or just standing incorrectly, or hanging bags on the shoulder and repetitive movements. Pain is usually the result, and unless addressed by a trained professional can lead to a life time of suffering.

The body’s signal to us that something is wrong, is pain, and pain should never go unheeded as this is just the symptom and the cause should be investigated and treated.

As the words musculoskeletal indicate, there is a link between bone and muscle. Neither one can function without the other. The skeleton (bones) is held in place by muscles and is the way of moving our body. When there is a misalignment of a bone or bones, the relevant muscles go into trauma creating pain.

Muscles contract and stretch to cause movement. They are always paired, as in raising the hand to face, the biceps contracts and triceps stretches. To bring the hand back down the opposite occurs, biceps stretches and triceps contracts.

When there is misalignment, energy is used to relax the muscles, allowing the bone to slip into its correct position (re-align) and the muscles, in balance, to hold it in place. There is no force or manipulation used of any kind. As body intelligence knows how to heal, all that is needed are the frequencies and vibrations of energy, to create a state of healing.

Structural realignment causes no trauma. The body seeks to readjust itself as the muscles pull the bones back into equilibrium therefore the adjustments hold far better than when force is applied.