“We all need to be balanced…” testimonial by a satisfied client

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handstand-girl-1250986I have been through a very traumatic life experience from childhood till quite recently in my adult life. I knew I needed healing but I didn’t know where I would find someone who could help me overcome and conquer my damaged emotions. In my search for help I was led by the creator of the universe to open the phone book and look there for my help. I saw a lot of advertisements but the one that stood out to me is the Natural Energy Centre. Its located in Hastings at “The Cottage” Pavilion Court 4A. When I got there a flood rush of emotions just overwhelmed me, very negative rush of emotions . And my mind was racing and I felt unsettled but when the lady came to me I began to feel a little peace. Her face and smile were the most peaceful, loving, kind, friendly, I have ever seen or met. She gave me a Form to fill out on my medical background and then when I finished returned and inquired about me a little further. After the discussion she took me to a room and a wash of peace came over me. She told me I am out of balance and placed crystals on my unbalanced areas on my body and one big crystal at my feet and I began to feel a warmth rising from my feet up. Within 10 minutes I fell asleep to beautiful music it was the most peaceful sleep I ever had. When I woke up I felt well restored and whole for the first time in a looong time. You can contact them at 429-1901 trust me this works. If u have been going through a rough time I advise you to go here. We all need to be balanced in this life to make well rounded decisions in life. And this will help you not only now but for the rest of your lives because we all do need help at some point in time.

Luceta King