Crystal Healing

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Crystal Healing: “How I got involved in Crystal Healing”

“I went to work one day with a pain in my right shoulder, I thought nothing of it, however as the morning went by, it became increasingly challenging to take a deep breath. My chest started to become tight and the pain became worse.

As a therapist I felt that I was going to have a heart attack, therefore I directed one of my students to do some pressure points that I learnt years ago (Chinese First Aid Technique). I instructed him which pressure points to press until I started to feel better and was able to take a deep breath without any difficulty.
At that time I decided that I needed to go to the emergency just to be sure that everything was ok. While there on the bed waiting for the doctor to come I remembered I had a crystal heart in my pocket, I took it out and held it in my left hand and instantly I felt a surge of energy through my hand and down my entire left
side down to my feet. From then on I was convinced that crystals are not just beautiful stones but they all carry energies that could be beneficial to everyone.

There is a saying that when the student is ready the teacher will appear. One of my students was sponsoring a crystal workshop and I enrolled. Did the course and have been using the Crystals for healing with good success.

How Crystals Heal
Crystal_Healing_NECAll Crystals hold vibrations that resonate with the human body’s inherent energetic blueprint. It is believed that having crystals in our ethereal energetic body, our body would entrain with the perfect stable and balanced energy of the crystals, thus influencing a change in the physical emotional, mental, and spiritual aspects of our being, returning them to its perfect state of equilibrium.

Crystal_Healing_2Even though it is possible for the crystals to influence change in the mental, emotional and physical aspects, it is not a replacement for conventional
medicine. However it would enhance the treatments of allopathic medicine. It is highly recommended that Crystal therapy be used in conjunction with other methods of healing, also when crystals are used with the proper intention by the practitioner then and only then will it manifest results.”

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