Energy Medicine

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There is a trend in the world today towards alternative or complementary medicine for assisting in the curing of disease. This has resulted in a gradual shift from conventional modern medicine. Energy Medicine and its entire gambit of Therapies is offering an alternate solution to health care.

Energy Medicine is very vast and extensive and is always improving on the Modalities (Therapies) it uses. Energy Medicine has many uses, it is used to maintain health, to diagnose and to help heal – more so than in modern medicine. Energy Medicine can be viewed as that which ranges from the “hands on” and “touch” therapies of traditional healing to the modern technological use of MRI, CAT scan and electromagnetic imaging used in hospitals. In totality all use energy of varying degrees to accomplish some result.

The term ENERGY MEDICINE is a double entendre (like the word calypso). In Energy Medicine – energy heals – also energy is the medicine. The term medicine, means – an agent that is used to heal. Therefore if energy heals!!! Energy systems are healed!!!

Prevention of illness and the maintaining of good health is the goal of all alternative medicine. The shift towards Energy Medicine, can be described as a move towards self realization where the individual (patient) acts as the authority for their own health care. The individual (patient) has a say in how their health is maintained.

Conversely, Energy Medicine in its healing, will assist the body to return to its rightful balance, once in balance the body heals itself, but unfortunately it is used as a last resort by the uninitiated when all else has failed. The attitude of most people is, that having tried all else, what have they to lose. What a surprise they have coming – ENERGY MEDICINE ACTUALLY WORKS!!!! Sometimes not as anticipated, remembering that Energy Medicine returns to the body to a state of balance or homeostatis, healing the cause and not the symptom.

There are countries where health care is taken as a service expected to be provided by Doctors, more so, than the treating of illness. In certain Provinces of China, a Doctor’s principle job is maintaining the health and energy balance of his patients for which he gets paid, as long as his patients remain healthy. If treatments have to be given for illness, they are not paid for.

Energy balance or homeostasis is the criteria for good health. Where there is imbalance; one is open to ill health and disease. Therefore, when ones energy is out of balance or energy systems are not working in harmony, there is a lack of proper bodily function.

Energy Medicine is rooted in the philosophy that the invisible energetic (non-physical) body can be influenced to promote healing. The practitioner in the use of this medicine seeks to influence the invisible energy pathways of the body comprising of the meridians, charkas and aura. There are 10 main Meridian pathways and seven major charkas that comprise what is today referred as the ‘Human Energy Field’.

Reiki is one of the many therapies (modalities) that initiate healing and harmony in the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual levels of those who are ill or seek proper management of their health care. The goal of Reiki and every Therapy in energy Medicine is the use of energy as the healing tool. Illnesses manifest themselves in your energy field or Aura prior to appearing as disease in your physical body.

Energy fields shift and transform from moment to moment, constantly balancing and counter balancing.

The question is sometimes asked, how can I be aware that my energy is moving in an organized manner? The answer is, if you feel fabulous – they are. The opposing being, if you are feeling ill or under the weather, it is possible that your energies are out of balance.

Regular energy balancing is the number one priority to good health. You are responsible for you health, not your Doctor or your alternative health care practitioner. ONLY YOU!!!!

“Going beyond limitations to achieve excellence.”