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With the knowledge and wisdom we have acquired from years of study, training and experience we are capable and well prepared to assist our clients in areas of imbalances in the “Human energy field” as well as the Chakra system, that impede the natural energy flow in the human body to make a difference in the overall wellness of our clients.

Modern science is now discovering, what the Ancient Sages who are trained in the healing arts, knew over 2000 years ago. They believe that there is an invisible subtle energy field within an around all things animate and inanimate. Medical science is also coming to realize how profound the Chakra System is to the Natural Energy Flow. The Chakra System explained on the Doctor Oz show.

The flow of energy in the Chakra System as well as the energy field is directly connected to what goes on in your mind, as thought forms, be it negative or positive, and emotions. Negative thoughts and emotions produce blocks in our chakra system which is directly related to our endocrine and hormonal systems that will also affect our nervous system causing imbalances in our natural energy flow. We use our understanding of these energy flows to assist our clients to return to a state of balance or equilibrium. It is interesting to note here that when a person is happy their aura is bigger, (it could be 6 to 10 feet away from their body) when a person is experiencing fear, their aura is contracted, (it is closer to their physical body) when they are about to die there is little or no aura.

The Natural Energy Centre utilizes many modalities to assist in attaining wellness.
The following are some of these modalities: Reiki, Quantum Touch, Magnified Healing, Mankind Enlightenment Love (MEL), Dowsing, Aura Clearing, Emotional Release, Karmic Clearing and Crystal Healing.

reiki-symbolReiki (pronounced Ray-Key) – REIKI: (Pronounced Ray-Key) this modality was made famous by Dr. Mikao Usui in Japan to promote wellness and balance in all aspects of life, Mentally, Emotionally, Physically and Spiritually. It has become very popular worldwide and increasingly being used in many hospitals and hospices in the United States, Canada and U.K, as complementary to modern medicine. Dr. Oz for example uses it with his patients before during and after surgery. Actually his wife is a Reiki Master.

Reiki is a combination of two words Rei and Ki. Rei, meaning “Higher Power” and Ki meaning “Life force energy”. Thus Reiki means “Spiritually guided Life force energy”. This Life force flows through everything, animate and inanimate. The life force is what keeps everything under the sun “A-LIVE” without the Life Force we would all be non-existent, there is NO LIFE without the flow of Life Force Energy. Life Force is the essence of ALL life.

The treatment is achieved though a gentle touch or 3 to 4 inches away from the body. The main philosophy of Reiki is to influence the life force energy to sustain and maintain balance and good health. After a treatment some have reported incredible results, one of the first changes that could occur is the improvement of sleep.

“Use of the Reiki energy allows me to adjust to the disease’s frequency. With the knowledge of the disease’s frequency, “the Reiki energy may be used to cancel out the illness being treated.” (Janice)

This may sound futuristic or new age, but it works for those who are willing to take the path to recovery in getting themselves well. Read the experiences of others (link to experiences.html) to gain insight into how these modalities assisted various clients of the Natural Energy Centre.

Quantum Touch

Quantum Touch – Quantum Touch is the term for the technique that developed out of the same principles of “ki” or “chi” meaning “energy” used by Reiki, but it’s combined with meditative breathing, body awareness and a different approach to touch healing therapy to promote a clients natural healing ability. Unlike Reiki which has the practitioner act as a divine conduit for the universal unlimited energy, the practitioners of Quantum Touch therapy will use their own personal energy field to help amplify the clients energy – so the same positive energies are being produced, but they’re combined with techniques to help empower the client and bolster their willpower. Quantum refers the quality and frequency of the applied energy, which unlike the unlimited energy of Reiki is used more subtlety to achieve the same miraculous desirable results. By encouraging the clients own healing using a combination of guided breathing techniques and touch healing therapy sessions, this will help the client to further recover under their own natural power while still gaining the energetic and spiritual benefits of touch therapy.

In Quantum Touch healing, Natural Energy Centre practitioners will lay their hands on the client and guide them through a series of exercises designed to awaken their senses to the subtle messages their body sends. Many people underestimate the effects that stress has on their life, it can reduce the flow of oxygen, cause tension and encourage the production of harmful energies. Going through these guided sessions will help a client to immediately identify sources of negative energy and take back control of their body. Combined with the curative powers of amplified energy touch healing, we use Quantum Touch to get a more accurate focus on the clients trouble areas. As the client is encouraged to participate in their own healing sessions by directing the practitioner to areas of concern. The use of breathing techniques by the practitioner help the client to retain their body’s balance by ensuring they remember to keep a steady supply of oxygen to their body.

Please view for more insight on Quantum Touch